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Salome doing some training in this holiday at a radio station. She is pursuing a Bachelors degree in mass communication.

Uganda News from SalomeCompassion Ministry is a ministry based on lending a helping hand to the needy and the poor in our community. Pastor Ambale does this ministry with mum Teresa sacrificially and dedicatedly. Since 2007 he has been able to keep the compassion ministry flourishing. I am Pastor Ambale’s second daughter and I take part in this ministry most of the times taking photos and carrying the items to give to the people. Also I give the little that I have. We reach out to the people around us and even beyond who are in need, giving them food, clothing, shelter, medication and all these leave them with a big smile and happy. These items are got from here at home and also from Pastor Ambale’s friends who are so supportive that they make sure we are never out of these things. We have helped children who have no parents including some four children that we are staying with at home called Babirye Bridget of 7years, Kato Samuel of 7 years, Kizza Kenneth of 5 years and Nandawula Juliet of 5 years.
We go till the extreme ends of Uganda at a place called Namajji. This is a project of helping the farmers there with goats. Also we take clothes for them. These poor people are now doing so well in raising the goats and its helping them out of poverty.
We not only give them materials but also the loving word of God. We tell the of the goodness of the Lord upon them. We always remind them of how much Jesus loves them and always thinks about them.
I am doing well here at home helping mum together with my other four sisters to maintain our home. I am also taking part in the first service choir at 7:00am on Sunday. During the week we have prayers and choir practice in the evenings. Also I go for morning and evening jogging daily for my health.
My studies are going on well and on that note I want to thank God for your support towards my education. I am pursuing a Bachelors degree in mass communication and I will be finishing in the year of 2018. Also I am doing some training in this holiday at a radio station known as Dunamis in Mukono town. I also take photos for dad during events at church and during compassion ministry.
May God bless You for supporting dad and also supporting my education.

I am still in holidays looking forward to starting school in the month of May on the 10th. I am still going on with exercising and keeping fit so every evening I go for a walk or for jogging from home to the trading centre. It takes me like 10 to 20 minutes to do that. In the other hours of the day I am always helping mum and my other sisters with house chores. I am still in the choir so during the week we are still meeting for prayers and practices. We sing in the first service at 7:00 am every Sunday.
About compassion, last Sunday I interviewed an old lady named Nabenda Janet who is 65 years old. She lives in a place called Kiyunga a few kilometres from home. She said one of her two children died and the other one ran away and does not check on her anymore. For this reason she stayed alone with no help and she was lost in thought. She did not see light at the end of the tunnel. She knew her life was over because she was so sickly over and over again.
But she rejoices over Pastor Ambale’s visit to her home through the compassion ministry. She says ever since Pastor preached to her the good news of Christ she has changed her perspective about life and only positivity goes through her mind as she is now sure Christ came for people like her. She is so happy that Pastor Ambale led her to Christ and now she is part of the body of Christ.
Pastor Ambale took to her to some food and clothes and also took her to the hospital and she says she is forever thankful for this. Also Pastor Ambale gave her a goat from the goats project and she has kept it safe. She says for all the times she prays she does not forget Pastor Ambale for the great compassion he felt for her and now she has a bright future even in her old age.

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